Drive LED strips or any high current ~6A devices with this power board. Developed by Rob from the 43oh ForumsThis is the PCB only, unassembled. This is a standalone version of his MOSFET BoosterPack.


  • 20 or 14 pin DIP to hold MSP430G series chip
  • TO-220 LDO/regulator
  • Programming header
  • GPIO headers Up to 2 additional boards can be attached for a total of 8 or 12 channels


  • IC1 - MSP430G2553IN20 PDIP (other G series chips will work too, but you may loose some functionality.)
  • IC2 - 3.3V TO220 LDO
  • Q1-Q4 - IRLB8721 TO220 MOSFET
  • LED1-LED4 - any 3mm or 5mm LED
  • D1-D4 - 1N4004, 1N5818 (or similar)
  • R1-R4 - 100ohm, gate resistor (47-220 can be used)
  • R5-R8 - 100k, gate pull-down resistor (10k-100k can be used)
  • R9 - 47k
  • R10-R14 - same as R1-R4, but only 4 are required, see schematic
  • 5mm terminal blocks
  • C1 - 47uF-100uF/6.3V-10V
  • C2 - 10uF-100uF/10V-25V (depends on input voltage.)
  • C3 - 0.1uF
  • C4 - 1nF

Use Cases

  • Dumb RGB strip driver
  • Relay/motor driver
  • Incandescent light driver

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The MOSFET Standalone - Low Voltage Power Mosfet PCB

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