• Stellarisiti LM3S8962 OLED Kit Giveaway!

A small giveaway for the Stellarisiti Forum. Winners are announched here.

Tell us what you will do with the LM3S8962 OLED/CAN kit or the Stellaris Launchpad. If we like your idea, we'll ship it to you free. Simple.
Also, big thanks to TI for sending over the kit.
Contest ends September 16th, 2012

Kit specifications:
Kit link: EKT-LM3S8962 Ethernet+CAN Evaluation Kit

  • LM3S8962 Evaluation Board
  • Stellaris LM3S8962 MCU with fully-integrated 10/100 embedded Ethernet controller
  • OLED graphics display with 128 x 96 pixel resolution
  • User LED, navigation switches, and select pushbuttons
  • Magnetic speaker
  • LM3S8962 I/O available on labeled break-out pads
  • Standard ARMĀ® 20-pin JTAG debug connector with input and output modes
  • Standalone CAN device board using Stellaris LM3S2110 microcontroller
  • Ethernet cable, CAN ribbon cable, USB and JTAG cables
  • Quickstart sample application runs with or without Ethernet (direct connection to your PC), right out of the box


Fred - Keyless Entry via Paxton RFID Reader

Athuli - Telephone Switch

_txf_ - Remote Sensing Base Station

igor - Programmable Thermostat with Savings Report

abecedarian - ECU Timing Adjustment via CAN


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Stellarisiti LM3S8962 OLED Kit Giveaway!

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