The MIDI BoosterPack was started as the Soundpad BoosterPack by Robg. You can find the MIDI build thread here.


  • MIDI In
  • MIDI Out
  • 2 Channel DAC
  • Memory chip - 23Kxxx or 25AAxx SN Package. Eg: 23K256-E/SN or 25AA640-I/SN
  • Two potentiometers and switch with an RC debouncer


MIDI controller (4 digital/analog inputs accessible via 6 pin header, can connect pots or switches, keep in mind that 1.3 has cap/resistor attached to it on the LP board.)
MIDI arpeggiator
MIDI delay/echo
Mapping MIDI channels/notes                                                               

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The MIDI BoosterPack PCB

  • Product Code: DEV-MSP-MIDI-BOOST-PCB
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  • $5.00

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