** Please read the OLEDTerminal wiki page for up-to-date code and schematic information. **

A Booster Pack to fit your display needs. The 43oh OLED pack sits right on top of the LaunchPad(sold separately) and is controlled via SPI. The driver used on this OLED is the SSD1306. Currently the PCB and drivers are designed for MSP430 chips that have USI built in. Testing has been done on the MSP430G2452 with 8Kb flash. There are plans to make this work with the USCI stage of the MSP430. 

The OLED resolution is 128x64 pixels.  None of the pins of the MSP430 are hard wired to the OLED. The four pins that control the OLED go through a solder bridge, so you can use those pins for other functions too. Two pushbuttons allow user interface functions. All important OLED pins are brought out to a header in case you wish to connect the board to another micrcontroller.

The Terminal now comes with a Female Header.

Drivers for controlling the display are provided free and as-is. Feel free to play around with it and improve on it. Look up the code tab above to download code.

You will have to select the type of header you need (Male/Female) as this is required for us to test the display before shipping.

The Booster Pack is discussed here in the Forums. Please feel free to ask questions there.


- Solder jumpers pre fabbed for MSP430G2553 support.

- Added two push buttons.
- Added breakout header for OLED
Initial revision

------------------Customer Action Shots-------------------------

Rob's 4 channel Display


GWDeveloper's Terminal


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The Terminal - 43oh OLED Booster Pack

  • Brand: 43oh
  • Product Code: DEV-MSP-OLED-BOOST
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  • $18.75

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