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The Booster BoosterPack is a LiPo battery powerpack as well as a battery charger. It sits over the MSP430 Launchpad or can be placed under the Tiva-C(was Stellaris) and the c2000 Launchpad for power. This should allow you to power your wireless projects away from the PC. Headers come unsoldered.



* USB connector for charging

* Sits over the MSP430 Launchpad and below the Stellaris/C2000 Launchpad with pass-through(excluding inner row for C2000/Tiva-C) for all pins including power. 

* Switch to turn power on/off when in battery mode. When shutdown via a switch, power consumption by the LDO is 0.1uA typical.

* Charges 3.7v LiPo battery to 4.2V. Support for one cell.

* Onboard LDO Microchip MCP1252. Provides 3.3V, 120mA output. 

* Lipo charger is based around Microchip MCP73831

* Charge status LED

* Spans the length of the Launchpad to accommodate different LiPo battery sizes.


The battery needs to be charged through the Booster's USB connector, as there is no way to pass 5v from the Launchpad to the Booster board. The battery does charge when the usb connector is plugged in. Stacking headers are used for stacking boosterpacks.

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The Booster BoosterPack - LiPo Battery Pack + USB Charger

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