The CAN Bus BoosterPack, from 43oh member designer Spirilis, features the NXP TJA1051T/3 CAN transceiver and optionally Microchip MCP2515 SPI CAN controller.  A Microchip MCP1725 LDO voltage regulator is provided for convenience when a LaunchPad is being powered by the CAN bus wiring, and a TI TPS27081A current-limiting switch is featured for inrush current limiting on bus-powered slave nodes.


- Enables CAN connectivity for all TI LaunchPads (MSP430, C2000, Stellaris/Tiva-C, Hercules)
- Allows use of native CAN peripheral, or an SPI CAN controller (Microchip MCP2515) provided for platforms lacking native CAN.
- BoosterPack-XL 40 pin layout includes mirror pads inside to enable re-routing of I/O functions to different BoosterPack pins
- SPI CAN I/O pin layout follows TI BYOB standards, and includes solder jumpers + pass-through pads to allow remapping of all I/O pins.
- Optional I/O pins from MCP2515 broken out so the user may route them as needed; optional CANSILENT pin from the CAN Transceiver broken out to allow custom use.
- CAN Transceiver features NXP TJA1051T/3 with 3.3V CMOS I/O from the controller and automotive-voltage tolerance on the CAN bus pins.
- CMOS CAN I/O pins exposed via pass-through pins; can be routed to BoosterPack pins for native CAN or connected to other headers with jumper wires (e.g. Hercules LaunchPad support).
- Board features 5V "TAP" pin to allow MSP430G2 LaunchPad to supply 5V using its "TP1" test pin.
- CAN interface features a pair of RJ45 jacks following an Industrial CAN RJ45 standard.  RJ45 VBUS pin is exposed to the 5V voltage rail through a configurable jumper.
- A pair of RJ45 jacks are included to allow daisy-chaining of multiple LaunchPads to enable a true controller "network".
- VBUS circuit for RJ45 includes a 1.5A polyfuse for nodes directly supplying 5V power to the CAN bus, or a startup-current-limiting transistor circuit to safely connect other nodes that will be powered by the CAN bus's 5V rail.
- Board includes a 3.3V LDO voltage regulator (Microchip MCP1725) capable of up to 500mA current.  Optional, with optional solder-jumper to connect the RESET slew-rate functionality of the LDO to the RESET line of the BoosterPack.


The CAN Bus comes partially assembled with loose Microchip MCP2515, 16MHz XTAL and 47uF electrolytic capacitor.  No boosterpack headers supplied; you will need four 1x10 (or two 2x10) stackable or female headers to attach this to a 40-pin LaunchPad, which can be ordered from here.  Optionally you can work with just the outer headers, e.g. for MSP430G2 launchpads; a pair of 1x10 headers will suffice.

For support please visit Spirilis' 43oh build thread here.

Code: MSP430 MCP2515 library -


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CAN Bus BoosterPack

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